This board game, Pop It, combines learning and sensory play.

Pop it, and you’ll learn with this Pop It Game. You can learn colors and numbers through this fun and relaxing sensory Game.

There’s a good chance that your kids have a Pop-It at their home. Push Pop toys are the most prevalent sensory toy of this year. Popping colorful silicone bubbles is a sensory experience that children and adults love. Pop Its was first available in fun shapes and colors (including squares, circles, and even dinosaur shapes!) They’ve now expanded to include the super-fun Pop It Board Game.

Pop It sensory toys are my kids’ favorite, and they loved this gamified version. Pop It is so easy to play! My 3-year-old son could play the Game with his friends!

Get the Pop it Game here.

What is the Pop It Board Game, you ask?

Pop It Board Game is an adaptation of the sensory Pop It Toy.

This giant game board toy measures 12.8 “x7.5” and is available in rainbow colors. There are many sizes and colors available online. However, this review will be focused on the one that we bought.

These high-quality silicone toys come in a rainbow of colors with an added sensory appeal.

Each player is allowed 60 push pops. Each player will roll the dice and press the rainbow-colored buttons based on the number rolled. The player who pushes the last button will lose one round to mark the loss. In 5 rounds, there are three wins.

Pop It is an interactive toy that kids will love. It has a chess-like set of dice and a fidget toy.

This number-based Game is excellent for kids; they’ll have a lot of fun popping soft silicone bubbles.

The Pop It Board Game has many benefits.

  • It’s easy to learn, and it’s fun to play with your siblings or by yourself. This board game is a great learning tool!
  • Pop It can be learned in under 60 seconds!
  • These rules are simple and concise.
  • Pop It Board Game can be a stress reliever and sensory/fidget tool.
  • Pop It sensory toys are children’s favorite, so this game extension is a great idea.
  • It’s a great way to practice numbers and counting and to improve your child’s math skills. You can count by rolling the die. You can also play it with just one child.

The entire family can enjoy Pop It Board Game! Pop It is easy to learn for children as young as three.