12 board games with music themes that are crazy fun and entertaining

Music unites people of all ages, no matter their age. Music has many influences on our lives and memories. Music Board Games are a great way to have fun with family and friends and learn how to strategize.

Nothing is more relaxing than playing board games in your basement or living room for hours! Below are 12 music-themed board game ideas you can try at home with friends and family.

Music and math are a great combination. Make sure you also check out our list of fun and engaging board games!

Ridley’s 1980s Music Trivia Card Game

for Ages 8+

Number Of Players: 2+

Are you looking for some nostalgia from the 1980s? This Ridley 1980s Tape Song and Trivia music video is a great choice! It’s easy to play and fun. Split into two teams, and each team will ask the other team a question. But the show isn’t over yet!

To earn a point, select a player to sing the line from the card to the team. Then, rightly sing the following line back to your team!

You only need to have a basic knowledge of 80s music. Ridley creates innovative, creative toys and games that spark imagination and dispel monotony.

The games offer a truly unique experience with innovative packaging and unique gameplay. Ridley creates games that intrigue, amaze, and incite hours of enjoyment. Fun is always exciting! Let’s get started!

Spontaneous- The Song Game

for Ages 8+

Number Of Players: 4-10

Are you feeling flat about the Night of your family’s game? This Spontaneous game will change your tune! The Song Game is an engaging, easy-to-learn board game that all ages can enjoy. No talent singing? No problem! It’s no problem!

The fun can be enjoyed by anyone who wants music. The average game lasts around 30 minutes, so you can play it quickly before bed or on your next picnic to cook burgers. The game is fast and funny, keeping even skeptical adults’ attention.

Each box contains a game board, ten player players, 50 challenge cards, timers, a Hit List tablet, and pencils.

MTV Game The Music Throwback Party Game

For Ages: 14+

Number Of Players: 4+

You can switch to a teen and adult music party game that features the most popular songs from the ’80s and ’90s. It’s time to celebrate the past with an explosion made especially for the MTV generation.

The goal of the game is to become the first team to earn at least 1 Artist Card in each of the eight MTV Challenge categories: award-winning videos such as Pop Anthems and Headbangers, Teenage Angst or Hip Hop Hips Queens, Across the Pond and the best of Unplugged.

Each side chooses a player to represent it in the rapid-fire buzzer. The buzzer is placed in the middle of the table, with the players sitting opposite one another. Flip a Head Card over to find a category of songs. If one person can think of a piece to answer the card, they shout and strike the buzzer.

The other player has 15 seconds to choose a category song. They yell and press the buzzer to reset the timer once they have one. Now, the other player is on the hot seat. The players keep singing songs until they run out of time and can’t remember the correct answer. The Buzzer Round winner draws nine. The winner chooses three of the six remaining Buzzer Round players to give to their opponent. The rest can be retained discreetly by this player.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Jurassic Park Edition Board Game

for Ages 8+

Number Of Players: 2+

Protect paddocks for dinosaurs or other places, but beware of T. Rex! It doesn’t follow laws! Clasps can be used to protect paddocks and make money from rent charges. However, they are not meant to replace the property that has been destroyed. To hear Jurassic Park’s theme song or the dinosaur roar, turn the key and decide how much you want to collect.

The last person with money wins if all the other players go bankrupt. T. Rex can also destroy property that is not fenced or repaired before the game ends. All lose. Monopoly: Jurassic Park Edition is a game for children eight and over.

Cheatwell Games Tension Music Edition

for Ages 12+

Number Of Players: Teams

This new Tension game is a great way to jazz up your music board gaming experience. It’s themed after music. Music Tension is a game that caters to all musical tastes. It includes everything from Beyonce to Beiber to The Beatles.

It is essential to name ten examples of a musical concept quickly.

Each card has ten answer options and a topic. You have 60 seconds to identify your teammates.

You can name as many examples as possible before the timer runs out.

Bubblegum Stuff: Name the Emoticon Game

for Ages 8+

Number Of Players: 2+

This card game is a fun and unique way to test your Emotional knowledge. The film edition includes artists’ cards, music words, and record labels. Each emotion can be interpreted differently. As you make wild guesses, this game will make your stomach churn.

Because everyone loves emojis, this party game is witty and entertaining! This incredible challenge tests your knowledge of emoticons, pop culture celebrities, music, TV, movies, memes, and catchphrases. It’s time to embrace the 21st Century and forget about boring board games!

Ridley’s Kazoo This Tune Song Guessing Games

Number Of Players: 2-4

for Ages 8+

Ridley’s Kazoo The Tune Song Guessing Game does not require musical ability! You can hum 200 pop songs, and there are four kazoos. Nearly everyone would enjoy a family game that allows them to listen to many artists, including the Backstreet Boys.

Could Jurassic Park play the theme song or Cotton Eyed Joe with a kazoo? Let’s laugh together! After the sand timer goes off, participants will have a few minutes for their tune cards and kazoo preparations. The sand timer is then turned over and participants count how many seconds it took for the sand to fall.

Ridley creates fun, original, high-quality toys, and games that allow children to imagine, have fun, and not be bored. They’ve taken old retro songs and created a fun game that anyone can enjoy, and even make a joke while they play.

Song Saga

Ages 13+

Number Of Players: 2+

SONG SAGA is a fantastic music and storytelling game that will rock your world! Discover your story and discover what makes it unique. Learn to accept yourself as you are. Singing is not necessary.

Use a card to listen to music. Press the “PLAY SONGGS” button. Rock out while you show off your cards! The green cards represent thoughts and memories that are significant to you. You can earn “You Rock!” cards for your best songs or story sets.

Game That Song

for Ages 8+

Number Of Players: 2+

This game will get you and your friends dancing, singing, and laughing. Music sounds just like our emotions. Music is key to feeling happy, nostalgic, and euphoric.

The Game of Song is easy to learn but challenging to win. Play the music and decide who sings. Then, choose the winner! Find out how much you know your friend’s and family’s musical tastes.

Ridley’s 90s Pop Music Trivia Card Game

for Ages 6+

Number Of Players: 2+

Are you familiar with the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme tune? Ridley’s 90s Pop Music Trivia Card Game will test your knowledge. Invite everyone you know to a party and take a trip back to the 90s.

Everyone takes turns answering trivia. This quiz on music features questions about Britney Spears, Radiohead, and other pop stars. It is ideal for those who love Nirvana or the Spice Girls. There are 140 different trivia cards.

Pop Culture Trivia Game

For Ages 14+

Player Number:3+

You are looking back at the decade when the extremes were at their wildest. Each team will compete to be the best at 1980s pop culture trivia in a series of inter-team exchanges. You can test your pop culture knowledge with 400 questions, photos, quizzes, and gaming challenges.

Remember the strange styles, movies, TV series, and music you love! Spotify allows you to listen to music! For every correct response, players earn one point for their team. The team that scores the most correctly will win, in 80s style.

Gift Republic is an Amazing 80’s Trivia Board Game in Multicolor

for Ages 12+

Number Of Players: 2-6

This is another 80s-themed music game, in case you are a substantial 80s fan! Get your leg warmers and enjoy this journey through the decade many consider the best of the Century. Ask your friends to find out who is obsessed with the 80s.