Is There Any Way to Locate a Lost Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch provides a unique gaming experience, combining the best portable and at-home consoles. As of last year, 89 million units had been sold. If you are a gamer, you probably love the unparalleled gameplay and won’t hesitate to use your device under any circumstance. But what happens if your favorite gaming gadget is lost? Can you find it? Below are some ways you can track down a stolen Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have an inbuilt tracker and can’t be tracked like other devices. However, if you have your device’s serial numbers, you can contact customer service and report the theft. They will be able to track the device through their database and could help you locate and recover it.

Getting the best quality and protection is essential when you spend a lot on something. This is especially important if the device is being purchased secondhand. You should not buy used items from unlicensed resellers. Keep reading if you want to find your Nintendo Switch missing or avoid purchasing stolen gadgets in the future. You will find the answers to your questions about how to track down and determine if your Nintendo Switch was stolen.

Is there a Tracker within a Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch (on Amazon) does not have a built-in tracker. Customers might assume that some tracker would be included with their expensive Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo has not yet made any.

You must use another strategy if your Nintendo Switch gets lost or stolen. You can find the serial number linked to your account through their customer service. We’ve listed several other ways to try if this doesn’t work.

While it may be more challenging to locate your stolen Nintendo Switch than a stolen smartphone or tablet, there are still options. You don’t have to give up!

How do I track my Nintendo Switch device?

Because no tracker is built into the Nintendo Switch, it’s much more frightening to lose your device or have it stolen. Also, it’s much more work for you to get it back.

However, your serial number is the silver lining, as we’ve already said. As with almost all electronic gadgets, each Nintendo Switch has a unique serial code that can be linked to the account.

Nintendo saves a record every time you connect your phone to the internet. Additionally, it stores your location and IP address. This information can be easily requested via customer service.

You should contact Nintendo customer support if your device ever goes missing. They will need to know the serial number of the device, as well as proof that you are the Switch owner. Then they will assist you in tracking it down.

How do I find my lost Nintendo Switch?

We already mentioned that the Nintendo Switch does not have a tracking device. Customer support can be reached to assist you in locating your stolen device. The serial number is the key to discovering it. But where can you find this serial number?

It’s usually found on the bottom of the device near the USB-C port. It is also located in the console’s device information menu, System Settings. It is best to copy it and keep it safe.

If you cannot find the serial numbers on your device or don’t own it, check the box it came in. It should contain the serial number and information about the machine’s model and make.

You can still search for the serial number if the box is lost or if you need to remember where it was stored. You can ask the retailer where you purchased the device for assistance.

Retailers keep records of the serial numbers and product models they have sold to protect themselves. You can locate the serial number on your purchase receipt if you are lucky.

Now that you have the critical information, the serial numbers, it is time for Nintendo to help. You can contact Nintendo customer support to tell them about the situation. They might need additional information, such as your account details or where you purchased the device. They will then look up the serial number in their database once they have all the information.

They will locate your IP address, and the time it was last used if your device is connected to an internet connection anywhere on the globe. You will only need this information! While you can track the data yourself, it is best to give it to authorities. This will allow them to safely track down the thief enjoying the gaming experience you purchased.

What happens if my Nintendo Switch is lost?

Nintendo should be notified if your device is lost or stolen. They may be able to locate your device and track it. The serial number is the key to following a lost or stolen Nintendo Switch.

You should take some critical steps to ensure your safety. If you have any personal information linked to your device, such as a credit card or debit card, it is better to delete this information. You can prevent a thief from gaining access to your device by deleting it as soon as possible. You could also file an official police report and give Nintendo the number.

Below is a list of things to do in case your device gets lost.

1. Contact Nintendo customer service: Tell them your device has been lost. You can give them the serial number if it is available. They will mark your device as “lost” in their system and assist you in locating it.

2. Remove payment details: Immediately remove any debit or credit cards linked to your Nintendo Account. You might be charged for other purchases by the thief, which can cause severe damage.

Log into your Nintendo account to delete a linked card, then remove the saved payment method. Call customer service to have payment details removed from your account.

3. Remove your Nintendo account and disconnect it from the Switch. A thief could access your Nintendo account to purchase or download games and other DLC. It is safer to remove your Nintendo account.

Log in to Nintendo from your computer to remove your Nintendo account. Next, open the ‘Users menu’ and delete your Nintendo account.

4. If your Nintendo Switch is stolen or lost, you can deactivate it. Follow these steps to halt the Switch.

Browse the Shop or browse the Menu

Click on the ‘Deregister Primary console’ button.

Click ‘OK’ to continue.

Confirm the deactivation

The website can only allow you to deactivate your console once a year. You can, however, deactivate the console as many as you like from the switch console.

5. Contact authorities: Now that you have located the IP address of your Nintendo Switch and determined its location, it’s time for officers to be contacted. Filing a police complaint will help you to recover your Nintendo Switch.

You should not take the necessary steps to ensure your safety, even if it is located in your local area. It is legal (and safer) to hand the information to the police. Let the professionals handle it.

Is there an app that tracks stolen Nintendo Switches?

If you connect your Nintendo Switch account, the official Nintendo Switch app called “Nintendo Switch on-line” stores all information about your device. It connects your Nintendo Switch with your other Wii U consoles and Nintendo 3DS consoles.

This app tracks playtime (how long you’ve played a particular game across all your devices). You can access all features on all three platforms with this app.

Nintendo Switch Online will continue to track your console even if it’s stolen. The police can use the information in this app to help them recover their stolen console. The Nintendo app can only work if you have linked your Switch to it and given it access to your information.

You can track and monitor the following data through the Nintendo Switch online application:

Device Information: All details about your device, such as the serial number and IP address, OS information, or device settings, are saved by Nintendo switch online.

Your Content: All images, videos, or other content you upload to Nintendo using different devices, is saved on your shared Nintendo Account. This app allows you to access it at any time.

Your Purchases. All purchases made on Nintendo Switch, including apps and DLC, can be accessed anytime from the app.

Nintendo Switch Online tracks your playtime and monitors it.

Your Location: Nintendo stores will track your location if you permit it. This can help you track the location of your lost console.

It’s always good to be safe than sorry. You should ensure your Switch is returned to you if it ever gets lost or stolen. You can keep track of your serial number and save the packaging. Then, you can play on the go with the Nintendo app without fear.